Monday, July 27, 2009


Could you mention your typical holiday in 3 words?
if mine,it would be : sweat,chat,& headset.
i don't know where they come from but i do enjoy the episode of my life like this.

I start my day in a glowing morning,take a deep free oxygen,enjoy my cup of peppermint green tea,peek the headlines on newspaper,and giggle with ma about a thing.

My morning is pretty tough.
I start running regularly at a jogging track not too far from my residence or if i'm so lazy to drive i just work out on tredmill,jump with skipping rope,and so on.

Sometimes the weather's not kinda friendly.too hot or maybe rainy..i love to take a nap!something that i cant afford on my busy bee days.

Then afternoon comes to me slowly ..i jump into my car and be social a while.Either chill in my pal's--rob her refrigerator's contents xp ,hang in bowling alley--hoping for the strikes,or just amuse my self with my beloved snacks:pomegranate frozen yoghurt with kiwi topping or some cinnamon roll.
I'm not a movie buff actually but i usually accompany them watching.Wish i'll not be bored.

I just can't leave myhouse any longer..
Before 9,i'll sit on my couch,chit chat with my best guy and girl who are far-far away from me :(( ..i miss them.I LOVE THEM.
I can't stand not to laugh with them everynight.

So we talk about the last's just me with my hot drinks (habbat's coffee and tarik's tea are my favorites)--
Lying on bed,writing.
While my ears closed by the headset.

Me,my thoughts,my hand write them down.
I'm a huge fond of music and lyrics.
Once i listen to tons of bands/singers,enjoy the sounds,till the tiniest instrument,sink in the lyrics,hum into myself--the experience of mine that has passed and similar to..then i write down them again.Something underneath the words just give me strength.
Yah,sometimes there's nothing better than it,

but I don’t


You to read mine.

These days I listen to many sounds..but the three of them are just best.
She's Carla Bruni..i'm crazy about French musician (or politician?),i wonder how romance story behind can be so compatible with little sounds of whistles..and also the charm of accordion.Folksy but like greatest wine.

you can check " L'amoureuse " or "Je Suis Une Enfant" and start your daydreaming. :D

Secondly,it's an alt band from Aussie,Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws.Pretty bizarre,some.(sounds just like me :p).
I love the ambition,purity,and courage of the words.
The quirky yet unpredictable voice of Phoebe makes me think that sometimes she thinks and sometimes she does not.

"He's Gone" and "Paranoia" --> suddenly kill me anyway.

And eumm..Elvis Costello!An English singer/songwriter who has followed his eagerness in music industry more than 28 years!He throws a dirty rock n roll style with his band,The Attractions though his collaborations with other artists showed how wide the range of music he has.

I shall not leaving my room unless i've heard "Pump it Up".Try it.

What do you consider the best part of your day?
Is it in the morning?The aftenoon? Or maybe just like me..last hours to midnight?

And what do you enjoy the best on your meal?
Is it the appetizer?Main Course?Or the dessert?

Then,when it comes into a relationship,
What do you hope for the best episode?
The flirts?A 1st date? The Courtship? or..The Ending?

People Love.
People live.
Love and Life come and go.
Just like the energy.Okay,Love is the energy.
It never disappear from our heart.
If One love is gone away then it'll come again in another shape.
But what we feel is hardly just the same.

Woman needs to be adored.
She's weak for any praises and prizes.
She seek for such flamboyance situation.
In the beginning,maybe it's not difficult for man who has crush on this woman doing it and she have it all.
I call this..temporary madness.

you know what it feels like when you start seeing a guy/girl who you find most attractive..the goddamn hot situation when we walk down to dinner and movie on a 1st date..the early months of the courtship that directly explain the world how in love you both are.

in case of teen lovers,i did agree on these.i would love to..then i once had it all.
but for the twenty something situation..
i don't know.
Where do i have to put my best at.
So..searching and learning,
searching and learning,
I consider the best part i would enjoy is the ending.The very yuppy ending.

A man who can adore you for any seasons,for all those years..
Your hairs turn to silver ones,
Your steps acompanied by a stick,
Your suppleness start to wrinkle.
--Both of you still honor each others company.

no matter how salty my appetizer,
how spicy yet surprising my main course,
I believe the sweetness of my dessert.
That's the best I can save for.

Save it for dessert.

cheeriO! :D

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